Breakfast Host

POSITION -- Breakfast Host
Job Summary
A uniformed breakfast Host must be present during all hours that the Breakfast is open.(6am To 10am)The attendant should always arrive on time to set up the Breakfast service. Review the Production Forecasting Form where the night auditor states how many guests are in the hotel to determine the amount of food that must be made available. Be completely ready at least 5 minutes ahead of your posted opening time to prepare, replenish, layout, cleanup and restock breakfast items.
Duties and Responsibilities
The breakfast attendant needs to have strong social skills and be service-oriented:
o Friendly - Greet every guest in a warm and sincere manner. Smile, make eye contact, and offer friendly comments at every opportunity. Make the guest eel welcome and appreciated.
o Socialize - When the attendant is not replenishing breakfast items, be friendly and interested in the guests while pouring coffee refills.
o Conversation - Engage the Guests in brief, friendly conversations by asking how their stay has been, where they are from, or their reason for being in town.
o Names - Learn and use guests' names.
o Pay attention - Some guests may appreciate the conversation, others may not. Tune into the guests moods - politely break off the conversation and wish a good day to those who seem disinterested or respond with short answers.
o Listen - Listen attentively!hr opportunities to solve a problem for a guest and write down any problems or suggestions. If a guest mentions a problem (such as they need more towels, an additional blanket or the TV remote is broken), report it to the appropriate staff member and follow up a short time later to make sure it was corrected.
o Knowledgeable - Be prepared to answer questions about the hotel, area, local attractions, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, sporting events, etc. Information and helpful answers could make a guest's stay more enjoyable. Have area maps and flyers available. That your guests prefer. Or, if a repeat guest likes a particular breakfast pastry or muffin, set one aside to make sure he/she gets one.
Invite them back! Make positive parting comments and invite guests to come back.
Training Checklist
Read and signed job description
Grooming and personal hygiene acceptable
Knows hours operation
Able to recite safety procedures, use fire extinguisher
Knows how to contact the Manager on Duty
Wears name tag
Uniform properly maintained
Able to perform assigned duties in an emergency
Knows employee house policies, smoking and break procedures
Understands temperature gauges
Smiles, has good eye contact with guests, displays positive body language, stands
Conduct is friendly and professional with guests and employees
Enjoys greeting, talking with and servicing all types of guests
Knows guest complaint reporting, and follow-up procedures
Understands hotel system for Breakfast control
Able to set up and break down breakfast according to specifications
Able to prepare required items according to specifications
Knows procedures for replenishing breakfast items
Able to check food items for correct temperatures
Understands food handling procedures and has demonstrated ability to:
Cover food
Label and date food
o Store food appropriately
Able to perform utility duties, including:
o Sweep and mop floor (if not housekeeping's responsibility)
o Empty trash
o Clean equipment
o Knows local and state health codes pertaining to food handling and sanitation
o Able to work with management to set up efficient and colorful breakfast area, and create various themes and special events
o Able to correctly explain and complete various breakfast forms
o Able to forecast food and beverage needs
o Able to minimize waste in the preparation of food items and handling hot food o Able to inventory and order breakfast items and supplies
o Able to read minimum and maximum par labels and determine when an item is below minimum par
o Able to assist with receiving and storage according to procedures
o Able to inform management of any shortages, substandard products, broken equipment, problems, etc.
o Able to organize refrigeration units and storage areas
o Willing to assist when/wherever necessary
General Manager,

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